Sunday, August 2, 2009


Peace Fam,
I realize I haven't spoken with you in a while (long story for another time) and I'm sorry I picked such a sad occasion to reconnect with you. I found out a few hours ago that Titus "Baatin" Glover of the Detroit supergroup Slum Village has passed away. He was 35. There aren't any details as to what caused his death but my condolences and prayers are with his fam.

Baatin was a founding member of the Conant Gardens based group Slum Village along with James "J Dilla" Yancey (who also tragically passed away in 2006) and Robert "T3" Altman. He appeared on their first albums Fantastic Vol. 1 & 2, and Trinity (which spawned SV's first major hit single "Tainted". After Trinity, Baatin left the group and was replaced by Jason "Elzhi" Powers. It was recently announced that Baatin was rejoining SV for their next album. I never got to meet Baatin as he was already out of SV when I got involved with the Detroit music scene and Barak Records (SV's label home at the time) in particular. However it was clear that Baatin was a one of a kind talent and in my opinion had an ill voice that set him apart from any rapper from the D. Not only could he rap, but he was a talented singer as well. His verse on "Climax" is still one of my favorites.

I'd be crazy not to mention what I know is on everyone's mind: Is there some kind of weird omen that is haunting the musical talent in my hometown of Detroit? Dilla and D-12's Proof both met their demise at a young age. MC Breed is from Flint but Detroit still claims him. Dorian Fiddler (son of my big bro Amp Fiddler) died this year as well. Honestly I don't believe in such evil things as omens and curses. I do believe this to be the opportune time for us to create some type of open dialogue with each other and most importantly with our Creator. I wish SV continued success in the wake of this tragedy. The remaining members are extremely talented and I know they'll bounce back and continue to make great music. Rest In Peace, Brother Baatin.