Friday, June 26, 2009

Birmingham Hip Hop Classics From The Vault- All I Ever Wanted feat. Attitude, Slave Ghost, Chase, Supreme, and Big Mal

Peace Fam! I know it's been a while since I've posted. It's been an exhausting couple of weeks. So far, not only have we had to endure the disaster (and ultimate demise) of City Stages and the racism of Transformers 2, but now the deaths of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and... wait for it... brace yourself... the King of Pop Michael Jackson. WHAT???? No I did not stutter. As of Thursday, June 25, 2009 2:26pm Pacific Coast Time, MJ is no longer with us. Sounds strange even saying it, huh? Well, the lesson learned here is that you can't take your legacy for granted. At least that's what I'm gaining from it. This has prompted me to start sharing the many gems from my vault that further solidify the legacy of Birmingham hip hop. We may not have invented it, but like my man S-Fly would say, we definitely set the standard. Most folks forget about events that set the tone for modern Birmingham music such as The Eargasm, B Moe's Last Sunday, and of course The Diamond Soul XXXperience. To borrow a phrase from the great John Coltrane: "It'll never be done like that again". Anyway, I can't sit on this stuff any longer, so consider this the first of many entries into the Birmingham Hip Hop Classics From The Vault series. In the future I'll take you on a journey with music from Joint Effort, The Eargasmatics, Metaphizx, and (for the first time ever) live audio from past Eargasm and Diamond Soul Shows. I'll also share music from my past albums Supreme's Lounge (1997), The Sting (1998 never released), and The Marlon Malone Experience. Yeah this is deep, ya'll. The past twelve hours has had a profound effect on me. So now it's time to let the world know how we started this movement in B-Ham.

First up is a tune titled "All I Ever Wanted" which pretty much evolved from one of the many late night sessions over at my old crib. It had to be around '98 or '99 (from the sounds of the kit I was using I'll say '99). Featured on this cut are myself, Attitude, Slave Ghost, Chase (aka Lucky Lou) and Big Mal. The sound quality is gritty because it came off Tascam 8 track that had been through a flood. I'm thankful to even have this recording. Anyway, enjoy a piece of Birmingham hip hop history. Believe me, there's more where that came from. FYI: Attitude has gone on to be a major player in the industry, first being taken under Timbaland's wing and recording with Bubba Sparxxx, then carving his own niche as a platinum songwriter penning hits for (and appearing on) Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous album. Yeah, now that's history. Enjoy!

All I Ever Wanted feat. Attitude, Slave Ghost, Chase, Supreme, and Big Mal

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