Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm WORKINONIT! (Update)

Peace, fam!
I know it's been a few days since we last talked, so I decided to give you an update on what's been happening.

First off, the New Muslim Cool Screening/Hip Hop Show at GA Tech last Saturday was simply amazing. I had a wonderful time hanging out with all my brothers and sisters. Even though I was in a working capacity (I ran sound for the event) I felt it was my duty to make my brothers sound good. M-Team, Mustafa Abdul Basit, Shaheed, and Amir Sulaiman all gave great performances. Liza Garza even blessed us with a surprise performance. The film speaks for itself, and as you can tell by the trailer I posted a few days ago, it will definitely be a conversation starter (at least we hope so). Much props to all involved and everyone who attended. Check for New Muslim Cool on PBS Tuesday, June 23rd at 9pm cst.

Next up, aside from looking for a job (a brother has bills, ya'll- seriously I'm looking) I have a ton of projects coming your way in a minute. Keep your eyes open for KYLE JASON. Those who know me know I've been bragging about this project for about a year. This is not an exaggeration, his project is gonna be BIG! Google Kyle and check out his last project, but keep in mind: The new stuff will be nothing like it! It's being mixed now so we can prep for it to arrive this fall. Peace to Ty Macklin at Alpha Omega in Dallas. The mixes sound great so far, fam.

I've also been working dilligently on my collaborations with Raheem DeVaughn, to be featured on his next project The Love and War MasterPeace. I've been working closely with Rah as a staff producer for his new label 368 Music Group. One artist to watch for in particular is Phil Ade'. He's a young cat from Maryland with a serious throwback hip hop sound. A true pleasure to listen to. Don't forget to check for Raheem's latest mixtape The Art of Noise which drops on Monday, June 15th and will be available as a FREE download on I have two songs on it (I think).

Also, I'd like to speak on something I read on a popular blog. It appears that some folks don't care for the remake stuff I'm doing with Raheem (in particular our version of Stevie Wonder's "Village Ghetto Land"), going as far as to say it "sucks", is "weak", and too reminiscent of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise". Now I've been in this industry professionally for about 15 years so I've taken my fair share of bruises. I'm a big boy, so I'll sum this up as only a professional can: To compare my work to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" as if it's a diss only shows a lack of vision. I dream to have the type of success Coolio had with that record. Believe me, I interviewed Coolio earlier this year for CHHS and he'll tell you from his own mouth that tune took him to places he never dreamed he'd go. Around the world several times and back, not to mention to have the man himself (Stevie) co-sign it with his stamp of approval. So let's not get it twisted, I've been taught by the best. The Mizell Brothers, Amp Fiddler, Dilla (R.I.P.) yeah, those are my mentors, so there are no stupid moves, only calculated ones. Keep in mind the songs I've produced with Raheem are the most played songs on his Myspace page. But hey, I'm just a brother in B'ham who has the honor of working with the talented Mr. DeVaughn (two-time Grammy nominee I might add). It should be congratulated, but it is what it is I guess. Whew! Moving on...

In order to keep my skills sharp I've been doing a few remixes here and there. A few months ago I remixed Brandy's "Long Distance", even though she was a no show in Montevallo in April. I still got love for ya, Mo'! I also did a remix of Jill Scott's "Slowly Surely". An a&r guy fronted on me, but hey, everyone else who heard it liked it. So THERE! LOL! I'll let you be the judge. Check it out after the jump. I'm currently reworking a tune for Iman Williams for her re-release. Don't worry, boo. I got you, 'K?

Last but not least, I recently read online that Willie ("I live by the sword") D of the Geto Boys has been indicted for running an I-Phone scam on Ebay and is facing 20 years. What? Say it ain't so. Last I heard Willie was living good in Dubai (or something like that) and rolling in real estate out there. I guess times are really that hard on the boulevard. Speaking of which, I reiterate: I'M LOOKING FOR A JOB... HIRE ME PLEEEEAAAAASE! Thank you.

Now enjoy these treats. Peace!

Raheem DeVaughn- Bonita Applebum

For the naysayers:
Raheem DeVaughn- Village Ghetto Land

Raheem DeVaughn feat. Squeeze on Guitar- Piece of Clay (Marvin Gaye Remake)

Brandy- Long Distance (Supreme Remix)

Jill Scott- Slowly Surely (Supreme Remix)

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